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OUTsurance Pet Insurance at a Glance

OUTsurance Pet Insurance at a Glance

  • Pioneered cashback incentives in insurance.
  • It has been around since 1998, offering a myriad of insurance products.
  • OUTsurance has paid out R3 billion in Outbonuses.

What we like:

There are several plans and additional cover options, giving you the freedom to choose your range of cover. The premiums are tailored specifically to your insurance policy, so you won't have to pay more than you need to! There are also plenty of opportunities to get a discount on your premium or earn cash back.

Best for:

OUTsurance's pet insurance is best for those who know what they want to get out of their policy and how much they're willing to pay for it! There are tons of options which would suit different pets as well as their owners. Lastly, if you have more than one pet, OUTsurance might be the right option for you with their multi-pet discount.

  • Pet insurance tailored to your needs with a range of plans and add-ons.
  • Two-year discount on premiums if your pet meets the body condition scorecard requirements.
  • Low, flat excess fees.
  • Limited to dogs and cats
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Some family members are a little furrier (or scalier) than others! Whether your pet is an addition to an already lively household or your sole companion, the costs can add up.

But the sad reality is that we’ll most likely outlive our pets, so why not make sure they’ll be well taken care of in moments of pain?

OUTsurance offers pet insurance, with tons of ways to personalise your policy. Let’s review the benefits, drawbacks, pricing, and overall coverage of the ‘OUT-and-About’ insurance policy!

OUTsurance pet insurance benefits
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What Makes OUTsurance’s Pet Insurance Different?

Depending on your chosen policy and added benefits, your precious pup could enjoy puppy classes at a great discount! OUTsurance covers up to R1,100 for puppy classes and behavioural treatments on their executive.

From a financial point of view, OUTsurance has an edge over other insurers with its OUTbonus programme. This means that clients will receive a cash refund if they remain claim free for three years. OUTsurance also offers a fixed excess payment, so you know exactly what you’ll pay in the event of a claim. On top of this, there’s a 5% discount if you insure two or more pets.

OUTsurance also does not restrict you when it comes to choosing a vet, as long as they’re a registered professional. Lastly, OUTsurance offers a unique ‘Body condition score’ feature, allowing you to get a lower premium if your pet is at their healthiest and happiest!

OUTsurance Pet Insurance coverage options and benefits

There are four main plans, and additional coverage options to choose from. This means that you can tailor your policy to suit your furry family members, as well as your pocket.

Accidental Pet Insurance Cover

If you’re just looking for coverage in the case of emergencies, you may want to consider OUTsurance’s accidental pet insurance policy. This might also be a good option for younger or healthier pets with no existing health conditions.

The overall annual limit is R16,000, including accidental cover and pre-existing conditions cover. Since accidental cover is meant to be used only in the event of unforeseen medical emergencies, there is no waiting period and a fixed excess.

Core Pet Insurance Cover

OUTsurance’s core pet insurance plan allows you to claim significantly more compared to its accidental cover policy. The overall annual limit is R44,000, including accidental cover, pre-existing conditions cover, and illness cover. 

The accidental cover is capped at R35,000 per claim, while the illness cover is limited to R31,000 per claim. The illness cover has a waiting period of 60 days and covers diseases that require your pet to be admitted to the vet.

Standard Pet Insurance Cover

The main difference between the core and standard plans is the addition of vet visits being covered. There’s an annual limit of R4,400, and it is meant for short-term illnesses or check-ups. And there aren’t any excess payments required for vet visits! The overall annual limit of this is R44,000, including accidental cover, pre-existing conditions cover, illness cover, and vet visits.

Executive Pet Insurance Cover

The most comprehensive option is the executive plan. The overall annual limit is R65,000, including accidental cover, pre-existing conditions cover, illness cover, and vet visits. This plan also includes Pet-Act-OUT, which is OUTsurance’s unique pet behavioural benefit.

The accidental cover is capped at a whopping R52,000, and the illness cover is extended to R50,000 annually. Your vet visits have an annual claim limit of R5,500. With a 30-day waiting period, pet-Act-OUT has a claim limit of R1,100, and no excess payments!


OUTsurance’s Help-Pet-OUT additional cover offers rehabilitation treatments, emergency kennel care, and advertising for a lost pet. This means OUTsurance will pay for any therapeutic care costs following surgery or major procedure. They will also pay for a stay at a licensed kennel or cattery if you are hospitalised. Alternatively, you can receive cash for a pet sitter! Finally, they will make it easier to find a lost or stolen pet by covering the advertising costs.

Other Optional Insurance Covers

Other optional covers include routine care cover, third-party liability cover, and health booster cover. Routine care only allows for one claim per year and can be used towards vaccinations, sterilisation, or other maintenance costs.

Third-party liability cover can help you out if your pet causes damage to someone’s property or body. The health booster cover will help you keep your pet healthy, happy, and out of the vet’s office. OUTsurance will cover the costs of any chronic medication, prescription foods and supplements. This is a great cover option for older or more sickly pets.

Pricing and Discounts of OUTsurance Pet Insurance

The beauty of OUTsurance’s pet insurance policies is that they are often unique to the consumer. This means that your premium is uniquely calculated based on your pet’s risk factors, your chosen policy and add-ons.

There are a few ways to get a discount or cash back from OUTsurance on your pet insurance policy. If you have two or more pets, you can benefit from insuring them all on one policy with OUTsurance’s 5% multi-pet discount. You can also get a two-year discount on your premium by getting your vet to fill out OUTsurance’s body condition scorecard. The scorecard is conveniently available on their app or website and if your pet has an ideal score, you can score financially!

As with most of their policies, you can get cash back after three claim-free years with their signature OUTbonus programme. There is also an opportunity to earn an R1,000 discount on your premium for every referral you make via their app.

Where OUTsurance Pet Insurance Can Improve

OUTsurance’s pet insurance is seemingly limited to dogs and cats. Additionally, there are waiting periods and terms and conditions on many cover options. To make the claims process easier, your pet has to be micro-chipped or tattooed. However, all owners may not want to do this.

How to Request a Quote for OUTsurance Pet Insurance

  • Fill in the short survey on their official website.

  • Download the OUTsurance app and fill in the short survey.

  • Request a quote over the phone by calling their customer support number on 08600 70 000.

OUTsurance will then contact you to find out more about you, your beloved pets, and what you’re looking for in terms of the insurance. Please ensure that you are over the age of 18 and have a valid South African Identity Document before beginning the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The fastest way to start the OUTsurance claims process is to call their customer support number on 08600 70 000. You can also start a claim via their app.

OUTsurance encourages owners to sterilise their pets, as it offers a number of preventative health benefits. Financial compensation for the procedure can be found via their routine care cover.

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