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OUTsurance Car Insurance at a Glance

OUTsurance Car Insurance at a Glance

  • Pioneered cashback incentives in insurance.
  • Been around since 1998, offering a myriad of insurance products.
  • Paid out R3 billion in Outbonuses.

What we like:

OUTsurance’s comprehensive car insurance option does not restrict consumers when it comes to the type of cover they can choose. The myriad of additional cover options and the Help@OUT assistance programme means that consumers can have peace of mind following stressful situations and do not have to seek third-party assistance in many cases.

 The OUTsurance app and website make it easier than ever for anyone to get a quote, file claims or get other assistance. There are also several cashback opportunities, such as the 'Best Price Guarantee' and OUTbonuses. Lastly, the SmartDrive programme is a great initiative that allows consumers to become safer, better drivers in the long run.

Best for:

OUTsurance car insurance policies are best for people who have a good idea of what they want from a car insurance policy, whether they are looking for a comprehensive package with specific add-ons to suit their lifestyle or they're just looking for essential cover to protect them in case of an accident.

If you’re shopping around for a car insurance quote, going with OUTsurance might be a great way to save on premiums through their ‘Best Price Guarantee’ promise. OUTsurance is also an excellent option for people who are more tech-savvy as it is quick and easy to file claims on their app.

  • Customisable car insurance policies to suit a number of lifestyles and vehicles.
  • Multiple cashback opportunities through OUTbonuses and SmartDrive initiative.
  • Competitive premiums.
  • The essential cover is restricted by the age, type of vehicle and value of the vehicle.
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Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibilities and expenses, whether it’s just a mode of transportation or something you take pride in. Accidents, small bumps, and theft are always a possibility, which is why having car insurance is a smart way to protect yourself from future financial troubles.

OUTsurance offers a ton of options when it comes to car insurance as well as unique benefits. Now, let’s review OUTsurance’s car insurance. We will cover its benefits, drawbacks, pricing, and overall coverage.

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What Makes OUTsurance Car Insurance Different?

No matter your lifestyle and needs, there’s always something you can get out of an OUTsurance policy! As always, their OUTbonus and cash-back incentives are fairly unique features. Their comprehensive package is perfect for vehicles of all ages and mileages and offers tons of add-ons. Meanwhile, their essential package is an excellent choice for people who have paid off their car loan and just want minimal coverage with no extra fusses.

OUTsurance Car Insurance Coverage Options and Benefits

OUTsurance offers three main types of car insurance, as well as tons of optional add-ons to really tailor your policy to your needs.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

From fender benders to attempted theft and weather damage, OUTsurance provides financial compensation and assistance in the event of accidental damage. You will also be assisted with towing and storage and their related costs.

The comprehensive pack also covers theft, hijacking, and third-party damage. This means you will be covered if you are responsible for damage to someone else’s vehicle during an accident.

Add-ons for Comprehensive Car Insurance

The list of additional cover options for OUTsurance’s comprehensive car insurance policy is seemingly endless:

  • Your choice of a hired car for 30 days in the event your vehicle is hijacked or undergoing extensive repairs.

  • Loss and damage to your four-wheel drive vehicle during trips within South Africa and neighbouring countries.

  • Telephonic medical and legal assistance in the event of emergencies.

  • Help@OUT is OUTsurance’s signature emergency assistance programme offering a helping hand in stressful situations such as locking your keys in your car, or needing a jump start when your battery dies.

  • If your car is written off following an accident or theft but is still financed, OUTsurance will cover the remaining loan amount.
  • OUTsurance can also cover your car sound equipment such as your radio, speakers etc. against theft and damage.

  • Alongside your main mode of transportation, you can also get insurance for your bicycle to protect you against accidental damage and theft.

  • If you’re lucky enough to own a watercraft, why not conveniently insure it with OUTsurance as well? They will cover you for any accidents during transportation and help with medical and salvage bills in case things take a turn for the worst.

Essential Car Insurance

OUTsurance’s essential car insurance package is a ‘budget-friendly’ version of its comprehensive package. There are three things you need to keep in mind if you’re considering this option:

  1. Is my car over 5 years old?
  2. Have I paid off my car loan?
  3. Is my car worth less than R125,000?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all three questions then OUTsurance’s essential car insurance cover might be the right option for you. This car insurance policy covers you in the event of theft, hijacking or fire damage.

 If you are in an accident, OUTsurance will pay up to R1,000,000 in third-party claims and pay you in cash for any repairs. This means you will be responsible for completing the repairs to your vehicle by finding a panel beater, sourcing parts etc. Up to 40% of your car’s retail value can be claimed in the event of an accident.

Motor Warranty Insurance

Vehicle maintenance does not have to be a costly chore! With OUTsurance’s Motor Warranty Insurance, you can have peace of mind in the event of unforeseen electrical or mechanical faults. From engine failures to changing your gearbox or maintaining your drivetrain, OUTsurance can help you out financially. There is a standard or an executive plan which caters to different budgets.

To qualify for this insurance package, your vehicle should not be older than 15 years with a mileage of fewer than 300,000 km. Additionally, you should be able to provide OUTsurance with a full-service history. Lastly, your vehicle cannot be insured by another insurance company.

Pricing and Discounts of OUTsurance Car Insurance

OUTsurance aims to secure itself as one of the most affordable insurers in the market. So, if you think you’re paying too high a premium with your current insurer, OUTsurance will try to offer you a lower premium through their ‘Best Price Guarantee’.

You can get R500 in cash if OUTsurance can’t beat your current premium. If you’ve been with your current insurer for more than 3 years, you can get a whopping R1,500 in cash. Naturally, this comes with the clause that your current policy is similar to an insurance policy OUTsurance can offer you.  

OUTsurance’s comprehensive package boasts a 12-month fixed premium guarantee, which is applicable even if you claim during the time period. This is a great way to help those who are trying to budget or simply keep track of their monthly expenses. In addition to this, OUTsurance offers their famous OUTbonus incentive, which gives you 10% of your premiums back in cash if you haven’t claimed in 3 years.

 Lastly, meeting the minimum requirements on their SmartDrive programme can give you a 10% discount on your car insurance premium. The programme uses the OUTsurance app to gather information about your driving habits, forming a profile on you and giving you advice on how to become a safer driver.

Where Outsurance Car Insurance Can Improve

OUTsurance’s essential car insurance package is notably restrictive in terms of what vehicle you can own and how much is paid out when you claim. If you have a newer model vehicle or still have a car loan you may be forced to consider the comprehensive package. Furthermore, OUTsurance will not assist you in finding reputable panel beaters or source parts in the event of an accident with this package.

How to Request a Quote for OUTsurance Car Insurance

  • Fill in the short survey on their official website
  • Download the OUTsurance app and fill in the short survey.

  • Request a quote over the phone by calling their customer support number on 08600 70 000.

  • To be eligible, you must be over 18 years old and have a valid South African identity document

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

OUTsurance bases its car insurance premiums based on a number of factors. Your personal risk factors are taken into account, this includes things like your age, experience driving, prior accidents, medical conditions etc. Your vehicle’s condition and market value are also taken into account. You will be required to present your vehicle for an inspection before a premium is finalised.

If you have a car insurance policy with OUTsurance, you will be required to take preventative measures to lower the risk of theft. This includes installing quality anti-theft devices and self-activating immobilisers. 

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