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Old Mutual Travel Insurance at a Glance

Old Mutual Travel Insurance at a Glance

  • Range of policies suited to different travellers
  • Tiered cover to suit any budget
  • Telephonic medical and foreign language translation assistance

What we like:

The travel insurance policies have been designed to meet the needs of their target demographic. For example, the ‘Senior International Travel’ policy takes into account the major concerns of elderly travellers and their loved ones and offers increased health-related benefits.

Best for:

Old Mutual’s Travelsure insurance policies are best suited to people who are looking for basic coverage and an online platform, understand what they're looking to get out of a travel insurance policy. The policies do not offer additional coverage options and are largely based on the details of the trip and the traveller.

  • Tiered policies to accommodate different budgets.
  • Online platform for applications and claims.
  • Corporate and Business options are available.
  • No additional coverage options.
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Whether the purpose is business or pleasure, there’s no need to let your trip turn into a nightmare! Travel insurance is a financial product designed to give you peace of mind while you’re away from home. The cover is generally short-term and ranges from lost baggage to medical expenses while overseas.

No two itineraries are the same; travel insurance should account for your plans and your unique needs. Old Mutual offers a range of travel insurance policies, each tailored to a specific trip or traveller. Let’s review the benefits, shortfalls, and pricing of Old Mutual’s travel insurance!

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What Makes Old Mutual Travel Insurance Different?

Old Mutual’s Travelsure insurance offers unique travel insurance policies at an affordable price. There are five types of policies based on trip distance, purpose, and even the age of the traveller. All policies include telephonic assistance services from medical advice to foreign language translation.

On top of this, the cover is available in tiers to suit any budget! Forgoing travel insurance can be tempting; the process of getting a precise quote and purchasing travel insurance has been made easier with their online system. 

Old Mutual Travel Insurance Coverage Options and Benefits

International Leisure Travel

Old Mutual’s international leisure travel insurance is aimed at individuals and families and offers a range of cover options. These options mainly depend on budget, trip destination, and the demographic of the travellers. Old Mutual allows for up to five children to be added to their ‘Family Cover’ plan at no extra cost. All international leisure plans offer telephonic medical advice and a delivery service for essential medicines.

Senior International Travel

Planning to spend your golden years travelling but worried about your health? Old Mutual offers travel insurance designed with older people in mind. The premiums and excess payments are competitive.

Specifically aimed at travellers between the ages of 71 and 81 years old, the package offers benefits tailored to existing ailments and health conditions. This includes telephonic medical advice, monitoring in the event of hospitalisation, and medical repatriation arrangements. Essential medicine can also be delivered to you while abroad.

Local Travel

Travel insurance isn’t exclusive to international trips! Old Mutual offers travel insurance for local trips at a competitive rate. This includes return and multi-trip insurance as well as one-way trip insurance packages.

What makes travel insurance for local trips attractive? You get covered for financial loss due to theft, loss, and damage to your baggage. On top of this, you will be compensated for unforeseen trip cancellations.

Business Travel

Not all travel is for leisure! Old Mutual offers travel insurance to employees no matter the destination or duration of the trip. While the cover is comprehensive and tailored to your trip, it is also flexible. Cover can be extended beyond the initial period or transferred to an alternative employee. Your cover also includes financial losses due to the cancellation of bookings or a change in arrangements after your trip has commenced.

Business equipment and property, such as company laptops or cell phones, are covered for theft and damage. In terms of medical coverage, Old Mutual offers telephonic assistance and essential medicine delivery. You will also be covered for participating in sports and activities as a non-professional. And if things take a turn for the worst, medical repatriation will be arranged.

Corporate Travel

If your employees are always on the move, you can get peace of mind with Old Mutual’s corporate travel insurance packages. This can be purchased by employers who run small to large-scale businesses and is available in three tiers.

Corporate insurance is designed to include the needs of the business, a wider level of coverage, and larger limits on benefits. This includes employee medical expenses, loss and damage to luggage, and the cost of delays and cancellations. Employees and their accompanying travellers are also covered for hijacks, hostage situations, natural disasters and political evacuations.

Pricing and Discounts of Old Mutual Travel Insurance

Unfortunately, there are currently no discounts available on Old Mutual’s travel insurance policies. The cost of Old Mutual’s travel insurance packages depends largely on the type of insurance and the trip. Local travel insurance premiums start from R25.

International and business trips tend to be more expensive compared to local trips or trips made by senior citizens. The extent of your coverage and previous claims history can affect your premium.

Where Old Mutual Travel Insurance Can Improve

Information regarding the extent of cover options available is not readily available online. Whilst contacting Old Mutual for a personalised quote can have its advantages, having access to information online can help when choosing an insurer.

How to Request a Quote for Old Mutual Travel Insurance

  • Visit the Old Mutual Travelsure webpage and tap on ‘Buy Now’ to generate a quote.
  • Phone 0860 25 24 66 to speak to a consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Old Mutual’s online platform allows you to apply for travel insurance at any time, but it is advisable to get travel insurance as soon as your trip is booked and paid for!

Claims can be submitted online via the Old Mutual website or by emailing a completed claims form to [email protected]

Not necessarily! Old Mutual does offer cover for one-way, return, and multi-trip travels.

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