Old Mutual Car Insurance Review

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Old Mutual Car Insurance at a Glance

Old Mutual Car Insurance at a Glance

  • Comprehensive car insurance tailored to your budget
  • Access to 24/7 road emergency services
  • Save with their cash-back opportunities

What we like:

South African consumers can pay for the car insurance coverage that suits their needs and budget whilst enjoying the additional benefits Old Mutual provides. Premiums are flexible, and consumers have the option to earn cash back as a reward for being accident-free for three years.

Best for:

Old Mutual’s car insurance is best suited for people who know exactly the type of coverage they require from a car insurer. These may be people who have more experience driving, or existing Old Mutual customers who understand how Old Mutual policies and claims work already.

  • Ideal for people who own more than one vehicle
  • Existing Old Mutual Home insurance customers can save on premiums
  • Poor communication after submitting claims
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The dream of owning your own car can quickly turn into a nightmare. From small scrapes to total write-offs, damage to your vehicle can become very expensive. Not to mention the inconvenience of having to arrange a reputable tradesman, compare quotes, and having to deal with any emergency costs.

Whether you’re on or off the road, give yourself financial peace of mind with a car insurance policy from Old Mutual. Also known as ‘motorsure’, Old Mutual’s car insurance policy offers a comprehensive solution to South African consumers.

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What Makes Old Mutual Car Insurance Different?

Boasting a multitude of additional benefits, Old Mutual’s car insurance policies are designed with the consumer in mind. South Africans can expect tailored comprehensive car insurance policies that cater to their vehicle’s specifications, their needs and budget.

Old Mutual has been a trusted household name for generations of South Africans. This can provide an increased sense of security and give consumers the assurance that they will receive fair terms and conditions on their car insurance policy.

Old Mutual Car Insurance Coverage Options and Benefits

As we’ve mentioned, Old Mutual’s car insurance policies are comprehensive and specific to the consumer and their needs. As a result, there are integrated benefits, road emergency services as well as additional benefits available.

Motorsure Coverage

To put things simply, Old Mutual’s car insurance policy includes coverage for loss or damage in the event of an accident or natural disaster. This includes road accident damage, loss, attempted/actual theft and hijacking.

Consumers are also covered for third-party damages. This refers to damages caused to other people and/or their vehicles and property that you are legally responsible for paying. Lastly, your vehicle is covered in the event it is damaged by fire or natural disasters such as heavy storms, hailstones, and flooding.

The integrated benefits included in your ‘Motorsure’ insurance policy include trauma counselling in the event of a violent incident such as a hijacking or armed robbery. Consumers also gain access to the 24/7 Road and Home Emergency Services Cover.

If you or a passenger were injured in an accident, Old Mutual will cover the emergency medical expenses. And if you and your passengers are involved in an accident more than 250km from home, your emergency accommodation expenses are covered for two days.

Road Emergency Services

Included in your coverage is access to Old Mutual’s road emergency services. Old Mutual will pay out a total of R4,000 or for two events per year. These services include access to a locksmith, towing services, and assistance with flat tyres, dead batteries, and running out of fuel. Mechanical and electrical breakdowns are also covered under road emergencies, as long as it is not part of an accident.

If you ever find yourself stranded away from home with car trouble, Old Mutual offers vehicle storage and repatriation services, as well as, hotel accommodation, car rental and taxi arrangements. The cost of these services is capped to a total of R400 per incident, and you must be outside a 100km radius from the address specified on your policy.

Additional Benefits

There are two main additional benefits consumers can opt for with their Old Mutual car insurance policy:

  1. Bundle and Save: Insure multiple vehicles and pay a reduced premium per vehicle, or bundle your home and car insurance policies.
  2. Cash Back Bonus: Remain claim-free for three years and receive 10% of your premiums back in cash.

There is also optional cover for car hire and credit shortfall. These benefits are not automatically integrated into your car insurance policy, they can provide a great deal of financial gain for the right consumer. The ‘Bundle and Save’ benefit can make Old Mutual car insurance particularly appealing to existing Old Mutual Home insurance customers.

Pricing and Discounts of Old Mutual Car Insurance

The pricing of Old Mutual car insurance policies is dependent on the consumer and their needs. People with more vehicles or who require more extensive coverage will pay more in premiums. Additionally, people with little driving experience or a history of being involved in accidents or submitting claims will be subject to higher premiums.

The two main ways to lower your Old Mutual car insurance premiums are to include the ‘Bundle and Save’ and ‘Cash Back Bonus’ benefits in your policy. Taking your time to compare policies and details when it comes to coverage and benefits can also help you to ensure that you are not paying more than you need for your car insurance premium.

Where Old Mutual Car Insurance Can Improve

Reviews from hellopeter.com suggest that Old Mutual can improve their communication skills. Many consumers complained of poor communication from the insurer after submitting claims and a lack of timely updates. Seemingly, Old Mutual could provide more information to consumers regarding what is covered by their policy, the claims process, and any additional charges consumers may incur.

How to Request a Quote for Old Mutual Car Insurance

  • Provide your name and contact number on the Old Mutual website for a callback
  • Phone 0860 111 023 to speak to a consultant

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, any address change must be reported to Old Mutual. Your address and location of the car overnight is an important risk factor when calculating your premium.

No, you can claim as soon as possible after an accident or other unfortunate incident covered by your policy.

Yes, Old Mutual has an app called ‘The Old Mutual App’ which allows you to view and manage all your insurance policies. The app is available to download from the iOS App Store, Google Play, and Huawei App Gallery.

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