King Price Portable Possessions Insurance Review

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King Price Portable Possessions Insurance at a Glance

King Price Portable Possessions Insurance at a Glance

  • Covers your personal belongings anywhere in the world, even outside your home.
  • Cover theft or damage, so you don't have to worry while you're out and about.

What we like:

King Price is a comprehensive and flexible insurance product that provides peace of mind to people who are always on the move and those who prefer a moderate level of privacy with respect to personal belongings. The fact that it includes unspecified items up to a chosen amount makes it easy for customers to get the coverage they need without the hassle of listing every item.

Best for:

King Price portable possessions insurance products are ideal for people who frequently travel or have an active lifestyle. Its specified cover is perfect for individuals who carry expensive gadgets, cameras, and jewellery with them and want to make sure that they are protected against theft or damage, no matter where they go in South Africa and a few other countries. 

  • Comprehensive coverage for personal belongings anywhere in the world.
  • Includes both specified and unspecified items.
  • Ideal for individuals with an active lifestyle or who frequently travel.
  • Customers can always modify their policy as needed. 
  • It may not be necessary for individuals who don't frequently travel or have expensive personal belongings.
  • Some exclusions may apply, so it's important to read the policy carefully.
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This overview will introduce you to King Price, a well-known insurance company in South Africa that offers portable possessions insurance products to its customers. You’ll learn about the unique features of their portable insurance offerings and the potential benefits and drawbacks of signing up for their portable possessions plan. In a world where our portable possessions have become an extension of ourselves, it’s essential to have the right protection in place. 

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What Makes King Price Portable Possessions Insurance Different?  

King Price offers a portable possessions insurance plan that covers a wide range of scenarios where valuable items can be damaged or lost, whether you’re on the move or living with roommates. This means policyholders can rest easy knowing that their belongings are protected under this comprehensive coverage.

In addition, King Price also offers an unspecified policy for portable possessions, that allows customers to keep their private items confidential without having to disclose them to the company. This feature is especially useful for those who need to carry around sensitive items that they may not want to share with others. Not all insurance companies allow customers to be discreet about their portable possessions when making claims. As for King price, if your bag is stolen while you’re travelling, the company won’t require a detailed breakdown of the contents inside before you receive a payout. 

King Price Portable Possessions Coverage Options and Benefits

King Price offers policyholders the flexibility to select either specified or unspecified coverage options.

King Price Unspecified Portable Possessions Cover

The King Price Unspecified Portable Possessions Cover offers a convenient way for policyholders to add up the value of their low-value possessions in a single insurance plan. This cover protects unspecified items in case of theft or loss, making it an attractive option for those who want to protect their random assets. However, it’s important for customers to accurately determine the value of these items, as undervaluing them may result in having to pay a high excess amount when making claims. It’s also important to note that this cover does not protect high-value individual items that are worth more than R2,000.

King Price Specified Portable Possessions Cover 

The purpose of specified coverage products is to provide protection for high-value individual items that exceed the R2,000 limit of the unspecified cover. King Price Specified Portable Possessions Cover pays for the loss or damage of a variety of valuable items such as jewellery, watches, cameras, GPS units, sports equipment, luxury items, hearing aids, bicycles, cellphones, contact lenses, and prescription glasses. Protected assets under this policy are expressly listed. King Price offers this product to ensure that policyholders can have peace of mind knowing that their expensive belongings are covered in case of theft or loss.

Pricing and Discounts of King Price Portable Possessions Insurance

The cost of the King Price portable possessions policy is determined based on the estimated value of the items being protected. This means that policyholders will pay a premium that is proportional to the overall value of their insured belongings. The company does not offer any special discounts for customers who have taken out portable possessions insurance.

Where King Price Portable Possessions Insurance Can Improve

King Price may consider offering unique discounts to customers that purchase extensive portable possessions coverage with them. Let’s say you’re a nursing mother with a collection of baby toys that you want to insure, as well as an expensive camera that you take with you on family outings. If King Price rewards you for your smart purchase decisions by offering you a unique discount on both plans combined, your coverage will be more affordable.

How to Request a Quote for King Price Portable Possessions Insurance

There are different ways to get a quote from King Price

  • One option is to call their phone number at 0860 50 50 50 and request a quote over the telephone. 

  • Another option is to navigate to the “Get a quote” button on the website and fill in the requested information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Although the police may not have enough resources to investigate a lost phone, it’s important to file a police report to obtain a SAPS case number. This number is necessary for you to file a claim with King Price to receive a replacement phone. Don’t forget to call your service provider first to obtain a blacklist reference number, which the police will also need.

You can file a claim with King Price via the website or mobile app, providing the blacklist reference number and police case number, among other details. Based on your insurance policy, King Price will either provide you with a similar or refurbished phone with a 12-month warranty, or the same exact model. King Price also offers a screen-fix option for a nominal fee. However, you’ll need to purchase a new SIM card yourself. 

Step 1: Download the app. 

Step 2: From the home page, tap “Add Cover,” located at the top left corner.

Step 3: Select “Portable Possessions” and choose the item you want to insure. Note that you can only choose one item at a time.

Step 4: Answer a few questions about your phone, such as its make, model, and condition. King Price’s insurance expert will then provide you with a summary of your premium, excess, replacement value, and other important details.

Step 5: If you’re satisfied with the terms and price, simply tap “Add Cover” to include the policy in your insurance plan.

The insurance for portable possessions does not cover cheques, money, or other negotiable instruments. A negotiable instrument refers to a written document that assures the payment of a particular sum of money, either upon request or at a predetermined date in the future. 

King Price does not provide coverage for a watch that has been damaged as a result of immersion in water, leaking batteries, or overwinding.  

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