Hollard Travel Insurance Review

Hollard Travel Insurance at a Glance

Hollard Travel Insurance at a Glance

  • Affordable and comprehensive travel insurance.
  • Flexible and versatile insurance coverage.
  • Also offer medical repatriation for the main insured.

What we like:

Hollard Travel Insurance provides affordable, comprehensive travel insurance. Clients have access to the Hollard E-nsurance mobile app, which has an intuitive user interface and allows users to easily buy insurance premiums and make modifications to their plans as needed. 

Best for:

South Africans who are seeking comprehensive travel insurance coverage that is affordable and covers their children at no additional cost can opt for Hollard travel insurance products. Seniors about 81 years old generally have limited options when it comes to insurance, and Hollard is one of the few companies that offer insurance products for these age groups in South Africa.  

  • Older people over the age of 81 are covered under the insurance plan.
  • Discounts are available for group coverage.
  • Main members’ emergency medical care expenditures are covered.
  • Hollard travel insurance often does not cover pregnancy-related eventualities until a woman is at least 26 weeks pregnant.
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Planning a trip can be exhausting, as many people are often overwhelmed by the uncertainties of travelling. This is why it is important to get travel insurance. Hollard Insurance is a South African travel insurance company noted for its low-cost, cutting-edge travel insurance products that are adaptable enough to accommodate a broad range of itineraries and holidaymakers. 

Hollard provides a broad range of travel insurance options, emphasising protecting travellers from injury and other unforeseen events during the course of the trip. This review will examine Hollard’s travel insurance policy, its key features, and its benefits and drawbacks. 

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What Makes Hollard Travel Insurance Different?

One of the unique benefits of Hollard travel insurance is that the company’s insurance product is available for both young adults and seniors, even those who are over 81 years old. Policyholders may get customised travel insurance coverage of up to R50 million based on their specific requirements. Individuals going for winter activities may be covered by the policy, which is unusual in the travel insurance space in South Africa. It also offers medical repatriation for the main insured person.

Hollard has been in the insurance market for 30 years and claims to have the experience to assist you with your vacation security requirements. With Hollard’s low-cost premiums, you can be certain that your whole trip will be covered, no matter what happens.

Hollard Travel Insurance - Coverage Options and Benefits

Hollard Travel Insurance is a versatile kind of travel protection suited for all types of travellers, from young families to seniors who are over 81 years old. Individual clients may get customised coverage of up to R50 million based on their requirements. 

Individuals above the age of 81 may be eligible for up to R5 million in coverage. Businesses may also purchase the insurance for themselves, covering up to R100 million in medical emergencies. Minor children of the policyholder are covered at no extra cost while travelling with the primary member of the policy for the same period and with the same benefits as the primary member of the policy. When members of your family or group purchase a Hollard Travel Insurance policy together, they may be eligible for discounts.

Budget/Visa Travel Insurance

This is the starting point for Hollard Travel Insurance services. This insurance product protects travellers as young as 18 and as old as 70 for trips up to 90 days. It is less expensive than equivalent protection while providing nothing unusual. The most important features are personal liability protection, emergency medical aid, and trip cancellation insurance.

Hollard Travel Insurance Premier Cover

Hollard Travel Insurance Premier Cover is a comprehensive plan that is intended to safeguard visitors against medical crises while they are away from home. This plan is open to travellers of all ages, from the young to the elderly. Trips of up to 90 days in length are fully covered. Features include coverage for unexpected medical bills, a refund for cancellation fees, personal liability protection, and luggage insurance.

Pricing and Discounts of Hollard Travel Insurance

The cost of your selected travel insurance coverage will be determined by factors such as the duration of your journey, the number of people accompanying you, the location of your destination(s), any pre-existing medical concerns you have, your age, and so on. Hollard travel insurance claims to be designed to provide exceptional travel insurance service at reasonable pricing.

Where Hollard Travel Insurance Can Improve

Pre-existing conditions and pregnancy-related difficulties are only covered if you acquire your coverage within 24 hours of paying your initial trip deposit. To better assist consumers in sensitive situations, the company might consider being more lenient with this condition to better suit clients in such situations. Moreover, discounts are only available for group coverage, so the company should consider extending discounts to other travel insurance products.

How to Request a Quote for Hollard Travel Insurance

A Travel Insurance plan quote may be obtained from several sources, and you can choose the one that works best for you.

  • One way is to visit Hollard’s website and fill out the quick travel insurance quote form. After completing the form, click the “submit” button for a quotation considering your specific choices.

  • Alternatively, you can inquire by calling 0861 455 738.

Additionally, on the “contact us” page, there is a “Get a Quote” section where you may fill in your name and phone number for a free quote. When you submit your information, a business representative will contact you to discuss your quote further.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may file a claim by submitting the necessary information on the Hollard Travel Claims website. Nonetheless, keep all original invoices and receipts secure until your claim has been fully processed. After making a claim, you will get an email confirmation with a claim number. This email confirms that this claim was submitted. Please save all files as PDFs to ensure a successful upload. 

If the Hollard Travel Insurance business gets all the necessary paperwork for your claim and confirms that it is legitimate, you will be paid within 48 hours. 

Yes. Hollard travel insurance offers medical repatriation for the main insured. The main member’s return home will be paid for by Hollard, including any other flights or hotel stays deemed necessary by the Hollard Medical Officer. Hollard will fund the expense of a medical escort if it is judged necessary. The company may demand that the primary member be returned to the base.

The main member will bear any additional expenses incurred as a result of the occurrence if they wish to continue on the trip after the Medical Officer has advised them of a date when repatriation is possible and practical. On that day, the main member may be securely and easily repatriated. If the insured person dies while visiting another country, this benefit will pay the extra costs of returning their body or ashes to their home country. Medical repatriation also covers funeral expenses for patients who die while obtaining medical treatment overseas.

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