Hollard Funeral Cover Review

Hollard Funeral Cover at a Glance

Hollard Funeral Cover at a Glance

  • Hollard’s funeral cover provides coverage of up to R75,000.
  • Prospective customers and returning customers can get quotes online in a matter of minutes.
  • The company offers diverse funeral insurance coverage options. 

What we like:

Hollard funeral cover may be acquired online in minutes, providing flexible, on-demand access. This allows you to get the essential pre-packaged funeral protection whenever it is most convenient. Also, Hollard funeral cover benefits can be extended to other members of the family, apart from the main insured person.

Best for:

Hollard funeral cover is best suited for individuals who are seeking a funeral cover that offers several plans to ensure that no one is left out in the family.  Also, if you need a funeral cover that is easy to claim without delays, Hollard funeral cover might be a good choice.  

  • Diverse coverage options.
  • Adjustable plans.
  • Expedited Airtime Benefit payout and a minimal waiting period of less than 48 hours for other claims.
  •  An age restriction of 18 to 75 years is implemented.
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One of the many things that people worry about in the event of the death of a loved one is how to pay for the funeral expenses. Therefore, getting a funeral cover is one way to ensure that your loved ones will not have to worry about paying for your funeral costs after you’ve passed away. Hollard Insurance is a provider of funeral insurance policies in South Africa. 

Hollard Insurance offers affordable funeral insurance coverage. The expenses of a funeral might be enormous, but Hollard funeral insurance can assist in alleviating or even covering these costs entirely. And in this review, we will provide a detailed overview of Hollard Funeral Cover. We’ll go through the most important aspects of the service and the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing the insurance policy.

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What Makes Hollard Funeral Cover Different?

Acquiring the funeral cover is quick and straightforward, as it can be done online within minutes. Another attractive feature of Hollard funeral insurance is its optional coverage for the policyholder’s parents, in-laws, and any additional children. This feature allows policyholders to extend the coverage to their loved ones beyond themselves, providing additional peace of mind. Furthermore, the policyholder’s first five children are covered at no extra cost, demonstrating Hollard’s commitment to helping families during difficult times. This level of extension is not universal among insurance providers in South Africa. 

Hollard Funeral Cover - Coverage Options and Benefits

Individual Funeral Benefit

Hollard Individual Funeral Benefit covers only the main insured person, and this protection cannot be shared with anybody else. If you are the primary covered person, your beneficiary will receive a lump sum payment from this benefit upon your death. Moreover, if the primary covered person has a stillborn child during their coverage, they will be compensated R5,000 under the individual funeral benefit. Yet, this funeral cover plan will only cover one stillbirth every year. Individual Funeral Benefit premiums must be paid continuously during the recipient’s life. 

Partner Funeral Benefit

Hollard Partner Funeral Benefit can only be added and paid for after the individual funeral benefit has been purchased. If you are the primary insured under the policy, you are entitled to a lump sum payment in the event of your spouse’s death. The coverage amount will be the same as a person’s funeral cover policy. Only one of the partners may benefit from the insurance at any time, and that partner’s coverage stops when the policy expires. 

Children Funeral Benefit

If a policyholder chooses the Individual Funeral Benefit instead of the Family Funeral Benefit, the Children’s Funeral Benefit will be automatically added to their policy. If a policyholder, the primary insured person and one of their dependent children die, they will get a lump sum payment from this benefit. The funeral benefits of this plan are limited to a maximum of five children. Further, children may be added to the policy if coverage for an existing child expires, as long as no more than five children are covered by the burial plan at any one time. With no extra expense to the policyholder, coverage will stop the first month after the insured’s 24th birthday or when the policy expires, whichever comes first. The maximum cover is R20,000 or 50% of the Individual Funeral Benefit policy’s coverage.

Parents Funeral Benefit

The beneficiary of the Hollard Parents Funeral Benefit receives a one-time monetary payment following the parent’s death. For the primary insured in the relationship, this policy may benefit the primary insured and their partner (if applicable). To unlock this benefit, a primary insured and their spouse must be registered in the same health insurance plan, and each of their parents will need a higher premium. Each parent may get insurance for themselves, but no more than four people may be covered simultaneously. Nevertheless, purchasing the Individual Funeral Benefit is required before adding this option to the insurance. 

Airtime Benefit

This product offers a R250 airtime voucher to beneficiaries upon receiving notice of the death of the primary covered person, their spouse, or their dependent children. It’s worth noting that no waiting period is required for this benefit.

Pricing and Discounts of Hollard Funeral Cover

The cost of Hollard Funeral Cover funeral insurance varies substantially based on the specific policy chosen by the client. Repeat clients are not awarded discounts. 

Where Hollard Funeral Cover Can Improve

Hollard offers a maximum of R75,000 per insured life – the maximum payout receivable for a middle-class family in South Africa in 2023. To tailor some of its product offerings for wealthy families, the company should consider increasing its maximum coverage.

How to Request a Quote for Hollard Funeral Cover

A quote for a funeral cover plan may be obtained from several sources, and you can choose the one that works best for you.

Moreover, on the “contact us” page, there is a section called “Get a Quote,” where you may fill in your name and phone number for a free quote. When you submit your information, a business representative will contact you to discuss your quote further.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. You may alter the policy by designating a new beneficiary, changing the coverage amount, adding or excluding particular family members, etc. 

A waiting period is a time that must pass before making an insurance claim. If the insured dies within the waiting period, the benefit will not be given to the beneficiary. Natural causes of death need a six-month waiting period (six benefit premiums must have been paid). Benefits for a suicide or self-inflicted death are not payable for at least 12 months (in addition, 12 benefit premiums must have been paid). 

If you are under 65, your insurance premiums and coverage levels will automatically increase. Whether or not the policyholder remains covered, any premium or benefit increases will be halted once they reach the age of 65. 

All insured individuals must be South African citizens with a current South African identification number and between 18 and 75 when the coverage begins. 

Coverage under the funeral policy will begin on the policy’s effective date. It will continue for the insured’s lifetime (excluding the insured’s children) for as long as the premiums are paid or until the insured dies, whichever comes first. With few exceptions, a child’s coverage will expire when they reach the age of 24. If your kid is insured as an extended family member, they will be covered until they reach the age of 21. 

Yes. If you don’t want the funeral coverage, notify the insurance provider within 31 days of receiving the policy documents. If no benefit is paid and no insured event occurs, the company will refund all premiums paid minus any applicable fees for providing benefits. 

If Hollard Insurance receives all of the paperwork for your claim and determines that it is valid, the company will pay you within 48 hours.

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