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Officially launching on the South African market in 2011, Dotsure has always been known for its modern ideas and unique insurance products. At the time of its inception, many international companies had employed digital strategies, yet South African insurers utilised largely traditional methods of selling insurance.   

While the company began as a car insurance provider, Dotsure now offers car, pet, and business insurance policies. Notably, Dotsure’s pet insurance policies are far more inclusive in terms of the type of pet you can insure compared to other local insurers. 

Famously, their policies can be purchased through their online portal, though there are also options to contact a consultant telephonically or via email. In the coming future, Dotsure aims to continue providing consumers with tailored insurance policies and expand its offerings and customer base.

Dotsure Insurance at a Glance

Dotsure Insurance at a Glance

  • Founded in 2011, Dotsure operates from the beautiful seaside town of George
  • Enjoy pet, vehicle, and business insurance policies tailored to your need
  • Always aiming for innovation, Dotsure offers 100% online policies

What we like:

Dotsure has aimed to not only innovate the way insurance policies are offered but also the overall experience and lifestyle perks South Africans can expect from their insurer. For example, the ‘fine protect’ and ‘license protect’ benefits can make a customer’s life much less stressful as they no longer need to keep track of fines and expired licenses. 

Best for:

Dotsure insurance policies are best suited to people who understand what they want to get out of an insurance policy, and how they can tailor their Dotsure policy to best suit their situation. People who are more tech-savvy and prefer not to deal directly with consultants may find the Dotsure online portal more enjoyable to navigate. 

  • Comprehensive, flexible policies
  • Number of discounts on premiums
  • Unique benefits
  • No cashback opportunities for remaining claim-free
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Dotsure rating mobile 2
Helen P
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My experience with Mazibulo Myo was really easy. He was attentive and advised information clearly for me to understand. He assisted with adding my fur baby on dotsure on the same day covered from the moment I put down the phone. Thank you so much Mazibulo for assisting me so efficiently.
Carlon C
It was a pleasure conversing with Kadhija Khan
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It was a pleasure conversing with Kadhija Khan. The requirements and policy was well explained. Thank you for your outstanding service
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Dotsure Insurance Products

Pet Insurance

Dotsure has outlined some of the more common ailments you can expect your beloved companion to experience over the course of their lifetime. The pet insurance policies are tailored to the type of animal and the level of coverage that suits your budget. Dotsure’s pet insurance doesn’t stop at common domestic animals; you can insure birds, reptiles, and even exotic pets. 

Pet insurance policies for dogs and cats have the cheapest premiums, starting at R85 per month. Insurance policies for birds start at R114 per month, while reptiles and exotic mammals have the highest monthly premiums at R211 per month and R240 per month respectively. Insure multiple pets and receive a 15% discount on your premiums. 

There are five levels of coverage for dogs and cats: 

  • Accidental: As the cheapest plan, this covers accidental injuries only.

  • Basic: This plan covers up to 50% of illness claims and accidental injuries.

  • Standard: Offering the best value for money, this plan covers illness claims and accidental injuries up to 100%. 

  • Superior: This plan offers coverage for illness, accidental injuries, hereditary conditions, and wellness benefits. 

  • Ultimate: The most expensive plan offers a higher level of coverage for illness, accidental injuries, hereditary conditions, and wellness benefits. 


Birds, reptiles and other exotic mammals, for example, monkeys, chinchillas, and ferrets have two levels of coverage: 

  • Exotic: This plan only covers accidental injuries and up to 50% of illness-related claims. 

  • Exotic Plus: This plan covers accidental injuries and illness claims up to 100%. 

Car Insurance

Car insurance from Dotsure covers: 

  • Accidental damage

  • Damage to others

  • Fire, Theft or Hijacking

  • Key replacement

  • Riots & warfare

  • Non-standard accessories

  • Vehicle credit cover

Unfortunately, you are not covered for any pre-existing damages to your vehicle, maintenance costs, and damages arising from drinking and driving or criminal activity. 

Dotsure offers both car insurance and motor warranty with a myriad of benefits and coverage options. Let’s review the benefits: 

  • Emergency Roadside: Get roadside assistance in case you run out of petrol, have a flat battery, burst a tyre or more. 

  • Pothole Protect: Covers the costs associated with damage to your vehicle from potholes. 

  • License Protect: Be notified of expiry dates, have your license renewal arranged, and let Dotsure deliver your new license. 

  • Fines Protect: Be alerted when you receive new fines and enjoy a smoother payment process with Dotsure negotiating the fine amount on your behalf. 

  • Accident Protect: Following an incident, Dotsure will liaise with the Road Accident Fund on your behalf. 

  • Emergency Medical: Get to the nearest medical institution as fast as possible with Dotsure’s emergency medical transportation. 

Their car insurance policies and premiums are tailored individually to your needs, driving habits, and budget. How does Dotsure achieve this in a way that is different to most other insurers on the market? Dotsure allows consumers to remove coverage options that they feel they will not benefit from. So, South African consumers can still have comprehensive car insurance at a price that suits them.

The ‘Name Your Price’ car insurance allows consumers to remove the following coverage options: 

  • Weekend Cover

  • Hail Cover

  • Night Driving Cover 

  • Windscreen Cover

  • Frequent Driver 

  • Single Driver

The ‘Motor Warranty’ policy is geared towards people who want to extend their car warranty. This assists with the costs of maintenance, repairs, and part replacements once your car’s original/dealership warranty wears off. People with older vehicles may benefit from this policy the most. 

 The benefits of getting a ‘Motor Warranty’ policy from Dotsure include: 

  • Claims are paid out directly to the policyholder and not the tradesmen. 

  • All claims are paid out in three days or less. 

  • Enjoy a 30-day grace period on missed service dates. 

  • Plans are flexible, and coverage can be ‘upgraded’ or ‘downgraded’ monthly. 

Business Insurance 

Tailored to the type of industry your business is operating in, Dotsure’s business insurance boasts value for money. Premiums range from R250 per month to R500 per month, and here is a list of the industries Dotsure covers: 

  • Hospitality

  • Church

  • Vets

  • Plant All Risk (This covers heavy on-site machinery, such as construction equipment)

  • Contractors All Risk (This covers all other aspects relating to construction-related liabilities)

Dotsure Headquarters and Contact Information

  • HQ Address: 127A York Street, George, 6529
  • Customer Support Phone: 0861 368 7873
  • Customer Support Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Log onto the webpage and follow the handy instructions to begin the claims process.

No, you can have a consultant contact you via phone or email by filling in the form on the Dotsure website. 

Dotsure is owned by the Badger Group, and in 2021 Hollard became a major shareholder of the Badger Group. The companies merged, and this meant that existing Hollard policyholders had their policies transferred over to Dotsure.

No consent forms or extra paperwork is required, however, more information regarding the transfer is available from both the Hollard and Dotsure websites and blogs. 

If you have had your policy transferred or have any other concerns, contact a Dotsure consultant on 0861 368 7873. 

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