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Whether it’s a minor bump or a major crash, car accidents can become expensive very quickly. Dotsure offers comprehensive car insurance policies and motor warranty policies to suit your lifestyle and budget. 

Having car insurance might be a necessary expense but it doesn’t mean you have to pay more than you need to in premiums. Let’s review the coverage options, unique benefits, and disadvantages to insuring your vehicle with Dotsure. 

Dotsure Car Insurance at a Glance

Dotsure Car Insurance at a Glance

  • Car Insurance and Motor Warranty policies available online
  • Tailor your policy and premiums 
  • Comprehensive coverage and range of benefits

What we like:

Dotsure has created car insurance and motor warranty policies with South African consumers in mind. This is evident in the flexibility of coverage, discounts, and tailoring of premiums. Additionally, there is coverage for damage from hitting a pothole and a range of additional benefits that enhance the experience of being a vehicle owner. 

Best for:

People who understand their insurance needs and budget will get the most out of a Dotsure car insurance or motor warranty policy. People who have a good idea of their financial standing and driving habits can more accurately assess which benefits/coverage they will benefit from the most and whether they need to add on benefits such as the ‘Excess Buster’ or ‘ServiceXtender’. 

  • Manage your policy online
  • Several discounts available 
  • Flexible coverage
  • Online portal may be difficult to navigate for some
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What makes Dotsure Car Insurance different?

Dotsure stands out as a car insurer for their online platform and modern approach to sales and customer interaction. From 2011, the company has aimed to revolutionise car insurance in South Africa by offering consumers the opportunity to purchase and manage car insurance policies entirely online. 

South African consumers can optimise their savings with Dotsure’s unique “Name Your Price” benefit on their car insurance policies. This benefit allows consumers to decide which coverage options are not relevant to their lifestyle and driving habits. This means you only have to pay for the insurance coverage that you need. 

Dotsure Car Insurance Coverage Options and Benefits

There are two main types of car insurance options at Dotsure: car insurance and motor warranty insurance.

Dotsure Car Insurance

The Dotsure website does an excellent job of outlining exactly what is covered in their car insurance policies. As a policy holder, Dotsure covers you in the case of accidental damage, third party damage, fire, theft, and hijacking. Dotsure will also financially compensate you for replacing keys, and damages stemming from riots and warfare. Lastly, consumers can expect coverage for non-standard accessories and vehicle credit cover.  

Customise your car insurance policy with the “Name Your Price” benefit and save on your monthly premiums. The ‘Name Your Price’ car insurance benefit allows consumers to remove the following coverage options: 

  • Weekend Cover: Ideal for drivers who do not use their car over the weekends 

  • Hail Cover: Ideal for people who live in an area that rarely receives hail storms

  • Windscreen Cover: This removes cover for damage to your windshield

  • Night Driving Cover: Geared towards drivers who only use their var during the day 

  • Frequent Driver: This ensures that coverage is based on how often you drive 

  • Single Driver: Choose up to three driver options 

Dotsure’s car insurance policies come with two optional add-on’s: 

  • Excess Buster: This reduces the excess amount you will need to pay each time you claim on your policy. 

  • Platinum Cover: This extends your policy to include alternative transport, cash for vehicle rentals, and compensation for trauma, accidental death and accidental permanent disability. 

Dotsure Motor Warranty 

Motor warranty insurance is ideal for older vehicles, vehicles that are no longer under a manufacturer’s warranty, or vehicles that simply need a little more care. Dotsure aims to give consumers more control over the process by paying out claims directly to your bank account and not to tradesmen. In addition, Dotsure aims to ensure that claims are paid out in three days or less. 

Motor warranty insurance is not the same as car insurance; essentially, only mechanical and electrical breakdowns are covered. The maximum amount Dotsure will payout is R400,000 in total for damages and repairs on components. Dotsure covers engine, turbo, gearbox, cambelt, and differential repair expenses.

Consumers can add on to their motor warranty policy with the ‘CoverXtender’ and ‘ServiceXtender’ benefits. Available at no additional charge, ‘CoverXtender’ allows you to increase the claim limit amount once a year. The ‘ServiceXtender’ benefit allows you to claim an additional R4,000 towards your annual vehicle service. 

Additional Benefits

If you are involved in an unfortunate incident, Dotsure will alleviate some of your stress with their ‘Accident Protect’ and ‘Emergency Medical’ benefits. Dotsure will take the steps necessary to ensure that you reach the nearest medical institution as fast as possible with the ‘Emergency Medical’ benefit. With ‘Accident Protect’ Dotsure will take care of liaising with the Road Accident Fund (RAF) on your behalf. 

Owning a vehicle can come with a significant amount of administration. Dotsure aims to make your life easier with their ‘License Protect’ and ‘Fines Protect’ benefits. With these benefits, Dotsure will notify you of any pending expiry dates, arrange license renewals and delivery of new licenses, alert you of new fines and negotiate the fine amount on your behalf respectively. 

Like many other insurers on the market, Dotsure offers their own emergency roadside assistance programme. This covers customers in the events that they run out of petrol while driving, have a flat tyre, flat battery, etc. Perfectly tailored to the South African market, Dotsure offers a benefit that covers the costs associated with damage to your vehicle from potholes. This is called ‘Pothole Protect’.

Pricing and Discounts of Dotsure Car Insurance Products

Dotsure allows South African consumers several discounts and opportunities to save with their car insurance and motor warranty policies. Once you are a policyholder, referring a friend or family member can get both of you a small discount on your premium. 

The ‘Name Your Price’ feature allows consumers to save up to 40% on their monthly premiums. Additionally, Dotsure will monitor your driving habits and you can receive up to 25% of your premium back in cash for displaying good driving behaviour. 

Where Dotsure Car Insurance Can Improve

Dotsure differs from more established insurers in their unique online approach to car insurance policies. Whilst purchasing and managing a policy online may be easy for some people, others may struggle with technology or understanding financial jargon. The 6% of 1 star reviews on allude to poor communication and bad customer relations. 

Overall, financial matters can be stressful and some people may be more comfortable talking to a consultant over the phone or in person. Whilst there is a telephone line, Dotsure does not have physical branches.

How to Request a Quote for Dotsure Car Insurance

  • Follow the steps on the Dotsure ‘Car Insurance’ or ‘Motor Warranty’ webpages for an online quote.

  • Fill out the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page of Dotsure’s website to request a call or email from a consultant.

  • Call 0861 368 7873 to speak to a consultant 

  • Email [email protected] to request a quote

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Log onto the webpage and follow the steps outlined to start the claims process. 

It depends. Dotsure’s motor warranty policies only cover vehicles up to 15 years old. 

No, Dotsure does not cover pre-existing damage, maintenance costs, drinking and driving or criminal activity. 

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