Auto & General Portable Possessions Insurance Review

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Auto & General Portable Possessions Insurance at a Glance

Auto & General Portable Possessions Insurance at a Glance

  • Can split assets into specified and unspecified categories for more flexibility.
  • Quick and easy online quote application.

What we like:

Auto & General Portable Possessions Insurance fully offers the benefits of this insurance category and consequently protects policyholders' insured possessions while they are in transit against loss or damage. The insurance application process is seamless and can be completed online without overwhelming paperwork. 

Best for:

Auto & General’s portable possessions insurance product is ideal for frequent travellers. South African travellers who carry valuable things such as jewellery, cameras, and other devices on their journeys may acquire this insurance to cover the expense of replacing or repairing any stolen or damaged items.

  • Flexible coverage options.
  • 24 hour phone support.
  • Seamless and transparent quotation process.
  •  No discount offer for returning customers
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Auto & General Portable Possessions Insurance is designed to protect the insured’s possessions while they are in transit against loss or damage. Items in the insurance policy may be allocated to a certain category depending on their monetary worth. In this review, we’ll carefully examine Auto & General’s portable possessions insurance. You’ll learn about the benefits and drawbacks of enrolling in its portable possession insurance and the unique features that the company’s portable possession insurance provides.

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What Makes Auto & General Portable Possessions Insurance Different?

Auto & General Portable Possessions Insurance contains specified and unspecified categories, enabling policyholders to categorise items based on their monetary worth. The company prioritises a transparent quotation process that is designed to charge policyholders for the level of coverage provided rather than break the bank.  

Auto & General Portable Possessions Insurance Coverage Options And Benefits

When you get home contents insurance from Auto & General, certain portable possessions are protected up to the policy’s normal maximum at no additional cost. This benefit is also included in Auto & General’s portable possessions insurance. You can inform the company about the high-value possessions you wish to protect and assign a replacement value to them. Auto & General Insurance divides your possessions into “specified” and “unspecified,” with the former referring to your more valuable items and the latter relating to your less expensive ones.

Unspecified Portable Possessions Cover

Unspecified Portable Possessions Cover is a kind of property insurance that covers portable items of lower value. And because of the lack of precise coverage specifics, this insurance policy only covers the contents of the collection, not individual items within it.

Cheap jewellery, clothing, and other personal items you wear or carry are covered up to the amount stated on your schedule. The total value of the lost items must be less than the maximum payment under the policy. By getting Unspecified Portable Possessions insurance, you may avoid worrying about the expense of replacing or repairing stolen, lost, or damaged portable items. When you file a claim, the coverage for your portable items kicks in.

Specified Portable Possessions Insurance

Specified Portable Possessions Insurance is a subtype of portable possessions insurance that requires the policyholder to specify each item to be covered. You should specify and insure everything worth more than the standard amount, such as your bicycle, prescription glasses, contact lenses, mobile phone, costly jewellery and garments, cameras, laptops, and handbags (and their contents). The timeline of your payment plan determines the minimum payable.

Pricing And Discounts Of Auto & General Portable Possessions Insurance

Auto & General bases its personal possession insurance prices on the cost of replacing all of your belongings. This implies that policyholders will be required to contribute a percentage of the entire value of the property insured. The Auto & General portable possessions insurance offers no discounts to customers. 

Where Auto & General Portable Possessions Insurance Can Improve

Customers who have been with Auto & General are not eligible for discounts on portable possessions insurance rates. Therefore, all customers, new and old, must pay the same price. The company should consider introducing some discount offers. This discount is a fantastic way to express their commitment to loyal consumers.

How To Request A Quote For Auto & General Portable Possessions Insurance

The following are some of the ways prospective Auto & General Insurance customers may contact the company for a quote:

  • You may contact the Auto & General New Customer Sales Line at 0861 001 269 to get a quote over the phone.

  • You may also use the “Quote & Buy Online” option on Auto & General website. Fill out the form with your name and phone number, then click “Submit.

  • Another option is the Auto & General contact us page at and select the “Get an online quote” tab. A customer service representative will then contact you with a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before the insurance company pays any of the claims, a policyholder must pay the excess amount. Customers of Auto & General, like those of the vast majority of other insurance companies, must pay a set excess payment when submitting a claim. The excess also reimburses the administrative expenses associated with submitting a claim.

Moreover, as specified in your policy’s schedule, you may be compelled to pay an extra excess amount in certain cases. The premium for your insurance will be determined by the degree of risk it covers. Paying an excess may seem like an extra expense, but it is little concerning the risk that the insurer is willing to assume on your behalf. By paying the deductible, policyholders receive access to comprehensive coverage and the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are financially secure in the case of an unanticipated occurrence.

Call the company’s contact centre at 0861 60 01 24 between 8:00 and 17:00 (GMT) Monday through Friday and 8:00 and 13:00 (GMT) Saturday for assistance in filing a claim under the portable possessions insurance policy. 

The speed with which you get money for your portable possessions insurance claim is determined by how quickly you collect and submit the necessary information and documentation to launch the insurance company’s investigation and begin processing your claim. If the claim is valid, the company will pay no later than the second business day after receiving all required papers.

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