Auto & General Pet Insurance Review

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Auto & General Pet Insurance at a Glance

Auto & General Pet Insurance at a Glance

  • 3 plans with varying coverage for pets.
  • Discounts available.
  • Easy online quotation procedure.

What we like:

Auto & General offers attractive discounts on its core and premium pet insurance products. Its wellness benefits cover critical preventative care services - from nail clipping and hygiene procedures to immunisation and deworming. 

Best for:

If you are looking for an all-encompassing insurance plan for your pet, you can purchase the Auto & General Core Pet Insurance Plan. If you are only concerned about possible accidents, the company's Emergency Pet Insurance Plan may be the best option for you.

  • Attractive discount offers.
  • Multiple coverage plans to fit every budget.
  • Quick and seamless online quote application process.
  • Exclusions in some policies can complicate the claims process.
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Auto & General Insurance is an online financial services business in South Africa that offers pet insurance. In this review, we will provide an overview of Auto & General’s Pet Insurance offerings, including the benefits and potential drawbacks. Armed with this information, you will be able to compare and contrast Auto & General’s pet insurance products with those offered by other reputable insurers in South Africa to make an informed decision about the most suitable option for you and your pet.

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What Makes Auto & General Pet Insurance Different?

Auto & General Pet Insurance offers insurance that may be customised to each policyholder’s needs. Also, the cheap premiums make offering the necessary financial protection for a pet easy. It offers three unique plans, however, policyholders must rule out certain coverage when purchasing Auto & General pet insurance products.

None of the plans will cover therapy for a previous condition. Brachycephalic abnormalities in flat-faced breeds and intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) in long-bodied breeds are not available during the first year of coverage in some plans.

Auto & General Pet coverage options and benefits

Emergency Plan

The emergency plan offers comprehensive accident cover for your pet. If your pet is injured in an accident, the emergency plan will assist in covering the costs of veterinary treatment, including hospitalisation and surgery. The emergency plan has an annual limit of R10,000.

Core Plan

The core plan offers a more comprehensive and advanced level of cover for your pet. The core plan costs R45,000 annually and includes hospitalisation, surgery, veterinarian appointments, and third-party liability protection, among others.

Premium Plan

This is Auto & General’s most comprehensive and costly pet insurance option. It’s an excellent plan since it offers everything the Core Plan does plus coverage for diagnostic and imaging procedures, but with fewer coverage constraints. This is the bundle to choose from for the most extensive protection. The premium plan’s annual benefits are capped at R65,000.

Auto & General Pet Insurance pricing and benefits

Pricing and Discounts of Auto & General Pet Insurance Products

Since Auto & General knows that each client’s requirements are unique, it offers customised pet insurance coverage. Policyholders have options for adjusting these plans to derive optimum benefits from them. This implies that the ultimate insurance cost is determined by the specific policy chosen by each person. When shopping at pet supply shops online, both the core and premium plans provide discounts; the core plan saves you 10%, and the premium plan saves you 15%. The core and premium plans also offer multiple pet discounts (10% for two pets and 15% for three or more pets).

Where Auto & General Pet Insurance Can Improve

The emergency plan has no discount offers. Auto & General may consider enhancing its services for customers on the emergency plan by offering them exclusive discounts on their pet insurance premiums for consistent purchases or coverage extensions.

How to Request a Quote for Auto & General Pet Insurance

  • Auto & General Insurance provides many ways for prospective clients to inquire about quotes:

  • You may contact the company at 0861 60 01 24 to acquire an estimate over the phone.

  • You can navigate to the “Quote & Buy Online” button, which is prominently featured on the insurance company’s homepage. After filling it out, click the “Submit” button after inputting your name and phone number, and a representative will call you shortly. 

  • You may also complete an online quotation request form on the “contact us” page. After that, a member of the customer service team will call you to give you a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Congenital problems manifest at birth or shortly afterwards but are not usually inherited from the pet’s parents (for example, a physical abnormality such as a cleft lip), while hereditary disorders show later in life and are inherited from the pet’s parents (e.g., hip dysplasia in certain dogs).

Sterilisation, immunisation, deworming, tick and flea treatment, anal gland expression, and nail clipping are all examples of preventative medical and hygiene procedures included in the wellness benefit.

Domestic animal owners are fully liable for any harm their animals create. Even if no lawsuit is filed, Auto & General’s pet insurance coverage will cover the expense of veterinarian treatment and property damages.

Pre-authorization is required for all hospitalisation-related claims. If the operation has already been scheduled, you may do this before admitting your pet for surgery. You may contact them by dialling 0861 077 700. The relevant papers should include a claim form and a veterinarian’s quote.

After treatment and payment, various additional claim types may be evaluated for reimbursement. Just submit an insurance claim form, the vet’s bill, and a payment receipt. For additional inquiry, a veterinarian’s medical history may be required. You may claim your pet by contacting 0861 07 77 00 or emailing [email protected].

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