1st for Women Portable Possessions Insurance Review

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1st for Women Portable Possessions Insurance at a Glance

1st for Women Portable Possessions Insurance at a Glance

  • Completely tailored portable possessions insurance.
  • Protect your valuables from theft, loss and accidental damage.
  • Comprehensive ‘All Risk cover’ and specified cover.

What we like:

1st for women’s portable possessions insurance policy offers fully customisable cover to suit your needs. This means that you don’t have to pay for cover that you don’t need, and you can have a say in the coverage amount. There is also a wide range of items that can be specified including clothing and jewellery. Items are covered for loss, theft, and accidental damage which is very reasonable.

Best for:

This policy is best suited to people who have a clear idea of how much their portable possessions are worth, and which items they would like to insure. Whilst there is the broader 'All Risk' cover available, it is important to know which items would be harder and more expensive to replace. Over or under-insuring can result in you paying more than you need to in premiums, or leave you unable to replace your valuables.

  • The cover is highly customisable according to your needs.
  • Wide range of items covered.
  • Standalone cell phone insurance is available.
  • No automatic access to Guardian Angel Assistance
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Life is too short to skip out on events or visiting new places in the fear that you may lose or damage something valuable. Give yourself peace of mind when you’re out and about by purchasing portable possessions insurance. 1st for women offers unspecified and specified cover for your valuable essentials.

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What Makes 1st for Women Portable Possessions Insurance Different?

1st for women’s portable possessions insurance policies offer cover for you and members of your household. This means that you do not have to stress about your spouse or children and their valuables whilst they are out of the house!

The cover is tailored to the value of your possessions, and you can choose to insure a number of daily essentials under broad unspecified cover or insure higher value items for their individual value under specified cover. Unspecified and specified cover are not mutually exclusive, meaning you can insure both lower and higher-value items with one policy. Specified cover includes a wide range of items from cameras to clothing and even glasses.

1st for Women Portable Possessions Insurance Coverage Options and Benefits

Specified Cover

If you’d like to ensure that certain higher-value items are covered for their correct value, you should specify these items in your policy. At 1st for women you can currently specify the following categories of items:

  • Cameras
  • Laptops
  • Handbags
  • Clothing
  • Glasses
  • Cell phones
  • Jewellery

All of the items above are covered for loss, theft, and accidental damage. By choosing to specify it on your policy, you can ensure that you receive a payout large enough to repair or replace the item. Changes can be made to your policy to add new items or change the cover amount. 

It’s important to note that some items may have a maximum cover amount, for example, handbags and their contents are covered up to R25,000. And if you’re just looking to insure your cell phone, there is a standalone cell phone cover option available!

When insuring higher-value items, it important to take note of any security measures noted in your policy as not following these procedures can prevent your claim from being successfully processed. For example, more expensive jewellery requires a valuation certificate from a jeweller and storage in a SABS approved safe when not worn.

All Risk Insurance

1st for women offers comprehensive unspecified coverage for your portable possession. This is known as their ‘All Risk Insurance’ policy. This is an ideal policy for lower-value items or items that you carry around on a varying basis, such as clothes or jewellery. You will be covered for theft, loss, and accidental damage.

Pricing and Discounts of 1st for Women Portable Possessions Insurance

Your premiums for a portable possessions insurance policy from 1st for women largely depend on your coverage amount as everyone’s policy is different. A higher cover amount means higher premiums and vice versa. Your premiums can also rise if you engage in risky behaviours like not ensuring your valuables are securely hidden from view when driving. Unnecessary or frequent claims can also push your premiums up.

For short-term insurance policies such as their portable possessions insurance policies, 1st for women offers a ‘Cash Back Plus’ programme. Receive either get all of your first year’s premiums or 25% of all your premiums to date, whichever is the lesser amount. All you have to do is remain claim-free for four years!

Where 1st for Women Portable Possessions Insurance Can Improve

If you only have a 1st for women portable possessions insurance policy, you do not have automatic access to the Guardian Angel Lifestyle Assistance programme. The company’s assistance programme is notably comprehensive and offers both emergency assistance and a helping hand to make your life easier. Whether it’s help changing a flat tyre or assistance in booking the perfect flight, 1st for women’s Guardian Angels can help you.

How to Request a Quote for 1st for Women Portable Possessions Insurance

  • Enter your name and contact number on their website to receive a call and quote.
  • Call their customer service number on 0860 10 42 12 to get a quote from a consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Claims can be started via the online portable, or by calling the customer service line on 0861 33 93 39.

If your clothing has a higher value, for example, designer jeans, then it is wise to specify the item on your policy. If your clothing isn’t significantly expensive, you can insure it under the ‘All Risk’ cover.

Yes, water damage is an acceptable reason to claim on your portable possessions policy. Other types of accidental damage are also covered.

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