1st for Women Life Insurance Review

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1st for Women Life Insurance at a Glance

1st for Women Life Insurance at a Glance

  • Two main types of coverage depending on your budget.
  • Supports up to 10 beneficiaries.
  • Three additional cover options.

What we like:

1st for women life insurance takes into account your risk profile, financial situation, and dependents when it comes to deciding on a coverage amount. If you would like additional dread disease or disablement cover, you can simply add it to your policy and it will not affect your cover amount if you claim. The All Women Dread Disease cover is a great option for people with children who want financial protection in case something happens to them.

Best for:

This insurance policy is best suited to people who are looking for general life cover with the ability to add cover for dread disease or disability. People who have more dependents and a clear idea of how the lump sum should be spent may benefit from this policy. Given that their policies pay out a lump sum and not smaller, recurring payments, it may be better suited to those that are more financially savvy.

  • The cover does not expire and has no age or health restrictions.
  • Guardian Angel Assistance can make your life easier.
  • Dread disease cover can be extended to your children.
  • There is no opportunity to earn cash back.
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One of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones is financial independence. Life insurance is a smart way to allow your family to take care of themselves financially if something were to happen to you.

At 1st for women, their life insurance packages are tailored to the general needs and concerns of South African women. With a maximum pay-out of R10,000,000 and up to 10 beneficiaries, 1st for women can help you ensure that all your loved ones are taken care of after you pass.

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What Makes 1st for Women Life Insurance Different?

Designed with women in mind, 1st for women offers several additional cover options that cater specifically to South African women. Your life insurance policy is dependent on your risk factors, dependents, and additional cover options.

Moreover, you can change the terms and conditions of your cover if life’s circumstances change. For example, you may find yourself wanting to add beneficiaries if you have a kid or new partner or increase your cover amount after taking on a risker job. Simply contact your broker to discuss any changes!

Finally, what really sets 1st for women’s insurance policies apart is their Guardian Angel Assistance programme. Through their Guardian Angel Lifestyle Assistance, you get access to information and help with medical emergencies, home emergencies, roadside assistance, and even financial advice!

1st for Women Life Insurance Coverage Options and Benefits

1st for Women Pure Life Cover

The main life insurance policy available at 1st for women is their Pure Life Cover, and this is available either as Basic Life Cover or Elevated Life Cover. 1st for women pays out a lump sum in the event of a successful claim; this money will be given to the people listed as beneficiaries on your policy.

The Basic Life Cover option is better suited to people with a smaller budget, or perhaps fewer beneficiaries and dependents. The payout amount is capped at R200,000. The Elevated Life Cover amount starts at R200,000 and goes up to R10,000,000.

The cover does not expire after you reach a certain age, and there are no age or health-related restrictions when it comes to taking out a policy. This means you will be considered for a life insurance policy even if you are older or have existing health conditions.

Once your cover amount is decided, you can add on optional cover that pays out in the event of severe illness or disability. Your premium will increase but, your life cover amount remains unaffected by these claims. For example, if your life cover amount is R200,000 and you claim R50,000 from Dread Disease Cover, your life cover amount is still R200,000.

All Woman Dread Disease Cover

This policy covers you and up to four of your children in the event of various health concerns. If you or your children are diagnosed with a serious illness or suffer pregnancy complications, this is termed as an ‘event’. There is an overall maximum pay-out amount and you can only make one claim per ‘event’.

The main diseases covered under this policy are malignant tumour cancers, children’s cancers, accidental HIV infection as a result of violent crime, and systemic lupus erythematosus. Pregnancy complications, miscarriage, and newborn complications are also covered. There are several terms and conditions when it comes to successful claims, so be sure to address any concerns with a broker before choosing this cover.

Dread Disease Cover

1st for women’s Dread Disease Cover is a financial product designed to take the financial burden off you and your loved ones if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness. You will receive a lump sum payout for a successful claim, which can be put towards medical expenses or living costs. The amount paid out can be determined by the type of disease and severity.

Examples of dread diseases include but are not limited to:

  • Organ Failure
  • Paraplegia or quadriplegia
  • Permanent blindness
  • Brain damage
  • Cancer
  • Severe burns

Disablement Cover

Whilst some are simply born a little different, freak accidents and circumstances can mean you are no longer able to provide for your family financially. Luckily, 1st for women will pay out a lump sum that can be used to cover medical costs, accessibility modifications, or lower your living expenses by paying off debts.

In South Africa, a disability can be a permanent or temporary impairment that results in a loss of access to equal opportunities. In simpler terms, this means that a disability can be a condition that prevents you from having the same earning potential as an able-bodied person. This can be the loss of a limb, blindness, poor motor or cognitive function, or deafness and language disorders. However, be sure to have a broker clearly outline the terms and conditions of your disablement cover offer.

Pricing and Discounts of 1st for Women Life Insurance

Your 1st for women life insurance premium is tailored to your policy and risk profile. Your risk profile is based on things like your age, health status, current occupation and gender. Generally, younger people and people who do not have any underlying health conditions enjoy lower premiums.

Your premiums will also be higher if you have a higher cover amount and if you choose additional coverage options.

Where 1st for Women Life Insurance Can Improve

1st for women’s cash back programme which pays out after four consecutive claim-free years only applies to their short-term offerings. This means there are no real discounts or opportunities to earn some of your premiums back in cash, no matter how loyal or low-risk you are as a customer.

There are only two main options for life insurance cover with 1st for women, and these are based solely on the overall cover amount. Lastly, the terms and conditions of the policy can become confusing as there are several specific cases where a claim will not be processed successfully.

How to Request a Quote for 1st for Women Life Insurance

  • Fill out the short questionnaire on their website to receive a quick quote
  • Call their customer service number on 0861 00 33 28 to get a quote from a consultant

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you’d like to review the details of your life insurance policy, you can log in to their online portal using your ID number or passport number.

Unfortunately, being single or divorced can push your premium up, especially if you live or commute alone as the number of risk factors increases.

You can contact a 1st for women customer services representative by phoning 0860 10 51 94 or sending an email to [email protected]. You will then be guided through the process depending on your policy and type of change.

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