1st for Women Funeral Cover Review

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1st for Women Funeral Cover at a Glance

1st for Women Funeral Cover at a Glance

  • Six plans to cater to any budget-
  • Cover your children from birth to 21 years old.
  • Receive a lump sum upon a successful claim.

What we like:

The cover amount is clearly set out depending on the plan you choose and the age of your dependents. You can include up to five dependents through the family cover option. If you'd like to cover other adults in your family, for example, your spouse or parents, they will be insured for the same amount as you. The claims process is fairly transparent with the list of documents you'll need listed online, and you'll be guided by a consultant on any additional documents needed.

Best for:

1st for women's funeral cover is best suited to people who are looking for smaller cover amounts, as the maximum payout is R30,000 for adults. It is also a great option for people who do not want money to be allocated to specific benefits, for example, a tombstone benefit or airtime benefit.

  • Six coverage options to choose from.
  • Individual premiums start from R62 per month.
  • Transparent claims process and waiting period conditions.
  • Maximum cover is R30,000.
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The death of a loved one can be an especially difficult time. There’s the hassle of trying to organise a dignified funeral, and dealing with grief, all while juggling the stress of daily life. One way to make the whole process easier is to take out a funeral cover policy.

1st for women offers six funeral cover policy options, meant to cater to any budget! Their funeral cover policy insures you and your loved ones in the event of accidental and natural deaths, allowing up to five dependents on their family plan. And if that’s not enough, you can extend your cover to include other important people in your life!

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What Makes 1st  for Women’s Funeral Cover Different?

1st for women offers convenience by allowing several people to be covered under one policy. Their policy is not restrictive in terms of who is allowed on your plan, for example, you can include your in-laws and domestic workers.

The amount of coverage an individual in your policy receives is dependent on their age. 1st for women offers funeral cover for stillborn babies up to children under the age of 21. Deaths as a result of long-term illnesses and covid-19 are also covered. Finally, there is the promise of a claim being processed within 2 working days.

1st  for Women’s Funeral Cover Coverage Options and Benefits

There are six funeral plans which pay out a lump sum in the event of a successful claim. The sole difference between these plans is the coverage amount. Each plan allows for individual, family and extended cover. The maximum cover amount for adults is the same, whilst children receive more cover as they grow older.

Individual Cover

Individual cover refers to the cover amount payable if the policyholder or another policy member over the age of 21 passes away. This means that this coverage amount applies to you, your spouse, parents, in-laws, or domestic workers. The cover ranges from R5,000 to R30,000, increasing in R5,000 increments between plans.

Child Cover

Teens and young adults aged between 14 and 21 years can receive cover ranging from R3,000 to R25,000. Younger kids aged between 6 and 13 years are insured for between R1,000 and R10, 000. Babies and toddlers up to the age of 5 get cover between R750 and R4 000. Lastly, there’s even cover for stillborn babies ranging from R750 to R1,500 depending on the plan. There aren’t set increments between plans when it comes to child cover, so here’s a handy table:

1st for women funeral cover pricing

Repatriation Benefits

What is a repatriation benefit and why is it important? Repatriation benefits assist your family in transporting your mortal remains to their chosen funeral home if you pass away far from home. For example, if you should live in Johannesburg and pass away while in Cape Town, your family will be assisted in ensuring the remains are respectfully transported to a chosen place of burial.

Arrangements will then be made with the funeral home closest to the place of burial to receive the remains. It’s important to note that 1st for women’s repatriation benefits are only applicable to deaths and funerals occurring within the South African borders.

Pricing and Discounts of 1st  for Women’s Funeral Cover

As always, your premium is directly affected by your risk profile. Factors such as age, gender, occupation, and underlying health conditions can affect your premium. Premiums can start from R62 per month per person on your plan. Adding members under the extended cover option will also increase your premiums.

Where 1st  for Women Funeral Cover Can Improve

Deciding on a policy can become tricky because choosing a cover amount can become confusing. There are set amounts depending on your loved ones’ ages which can feel restrictive. While there is an option to add members to your plan, there doesn’t seem to be an option to increase the cover amount.

There aren’t additional benefits besides the repatriation benefit, which is only applicable to deaths and funerals within South Africa. This means that a lump sum is paid out to your beneficiaries who will need to ensure that the money is budgeted correctly to cover the funeral expenses. This can become an unnecessary stress in an already difficult time.

Lastly, given that funeral cover policies are long-term insurance policies there isn’t an opportunity to earn cash through the 1st for women’s cashback programme.

How to Request a Quote for 1st  for Women Funeral Cover

The policyholder has to be between the ages of 18 and 65.

  • Apply for a quote online by giving 1st for women your name and contact number
  • If you do not have a policy with them, call 0861 11 16 67 to talk to a consultant
  • For existing customers, call 0861 33 93 39 to get a quote

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, your policy should be active for at least six months and you need to pay at least six premiums before natural deaths are covered.

No, accidental deaths are covered from the time you pay your first premium.

Begin by calling the 1st for women claims number on 0861 33 93 39. You will need to organise the following documents to have on hand when processing the claim:

  • Certified copies of the abridged death certificate, and ID documents
  • Certified copies of the beneficiaries’ ID documents
  • Proof of beneficiaries bank account and a bank statement
  • A letter of executorship from the high court if there are no beneficiaries
  • A complete DHA 1663 form
  • An official police report in the case of accidental or unnatural causes
  • Six plans to cater to any budget
  • Cover your children from birth to 21 years old
  • Receive a lump sum upon a successful claim

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