1st for Women Car Insurance Review

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1st for Women Car Insurance at a Glance

1st for Women Car Insurance at a Glance

  • Three main types of vehicle cover options with several add-ons.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance with Guardian Angel on Call.
  • Cash back opportunities after four claim-free years.

What we like:

There are a range of cover options for cars and other types of vehicles. The vehicle inspection and the claims processes are fairly simple. And if you're looking for all-around service or a plan with more than just financial assistance, 1st for women’s Guardian Angel Assistance programme is an impressive and unique feature.

Best for:

1st for women's vehicle insurance is best suited to women and more experienced drivers who know what they're looking to get out of an insurance policy. If you're looking for bare minimum cover, the third-party-only cover is ideal. And if you're looking for full coverage, their comprehensive packages are a great choice!

  • Covers several types of vehicles.
  • Lower premiums for women.
  • Opportunity to earn cash back.
  • Strict terms and conditions apply to successful claims.
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Fun fact! 1st for women broke into the insurance market in 2004 with their vehicle insurance tailored to South African women. The company has expanded considerably in the last 19 years, but their car insurance policies remain popular.

 1st for women currently offers three types of car insurance, as well as additional cover options for caravans, trailers, watercrafts, and more! The company’s car insurance also comes with additional benefits like their Guardian Angel Assistance programme, 24-hour roadside assistance, and the opportunity to earn cash back.  

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What Makes 1st for Women Car Insurance Different?

1st for women’s car insurance policies are famously tailored to the needs and concerns of South African women. The company offers lower premiums to women, who are often lower-risk customers. The three types of car insurance policies also take into account budgets by offering basic cover and more comprehensive cover options.

The company’s 24-hour roadside assistance feature is called the ‘Guardian Angel on Call’. To make you feel safer, your trips will be monitored and any crashes automatically detected. This includes emergency medical help and assistance if you are involved in an accident.

 1st for Women's Car Insurance Coverage Options and Benefits

Comprehensive Vehicle Cover

If you’re looking for car insurance that covers you against pretty much anything, 1st for women’s comprehensive car insurance might be the policy for you! Insuring you in case of loss, theft, fire damage and third-party incidents, 1st for women also offers a few extras.

 If you are involved in an accident or have a breakdown, 1st for women will send a tow truck to your location at no extra cost. The company will also pay for the storage of your vehicle following an accident. You’ll also be covered if you lose your keys and need another set! And if something unfortunate should happen whilst you’re outside the South African borders, 1st for women will cover repatriation costs up to R7,500.

Optional additional cover for the comprehensive car insurance policy includes sound system cover, hail damage, canopy cover, and car hire. On top of this, you’ll automatically have access to benefits from their Guardian Angel Assistance programme.

 Third-Party, Fire and Theft Vehicle Cover

This policy will pay out if your vehicle is damaged as a direct result of fire, an explosion, lightning, and an attempted or successful theft. If you’re legally responsible for causing damage to someone else’s property or vehicle following an accident, 1st for women has you covered!

If necessary, the costs of towing and storage are covered as well as optional cover for the sound system, windscreen, canopy, and vehicle hire. It’s important to note that this policy does not cover accidental damage to your vehicle. 

Third-Party Only Vehicle Cover

This policy only provides financial assistance if you find yourself responsible for damaging someone else’s vehicle in an accident. However, there is the option to cover your car’s sound system.

Cover more than just your car

Off-road vehicles, motorcycles, and golf carts can also be insured with a comprehensive policy. This includes complete coverage for accidental, third-party, fire, and theft damages. Caravans and trailers can be insured against accidental damage and theft; the contents of the caravan can be insured separately. Lastly, watercraft can be insured in case of accidental damage, loss due to theft, and third-party damage.

Guardian Angel Assistance

1st for women’s signature assistance programme includes 24-hour roadside assistance as well as lifestyle benefits. The roadside assistance comes with trip monitoring, assistance towing your vehicle, and emergency medical care. 1st for women will even send someone to wait with you following an accident if you feel unsafe, or give you a lift. The claims process is made easier as a consultant is informed of the incident and will contact you.

The lifestyle perks include home assistance, medical assist, tax, finance, and legal assistance. You’ll have a helping hand whether it’s a leaky pipe, a broken bone, or a question about filing your taxes. Lastly, there’s also a concierge assist feature which is great if you need help organising an event, booking flights, or just getting a restaurant reservation.

Pricing and Discounts of 1st for Women Car Insurance

The monthly premiums on your 1st for women car insurance policy depend on a number of factors. These can include the age and driving experience of the listed drivers, previous claims and accidents, and the condition of your vehicle.

Premiums are based on a sliding scale, with younger drivers paying the highest premiums. Another factor that can majorly affect your premium is where your car is parked and stored overnight. If you live or work in an area that has a high risk of high jackings or accidents, you may find yourself paying more.

1st for women offers a cashback programme on their short-term insurance policies, including car insurance. Being a part of the programme does cost a small fee but it is well worth it. If you have an active policy and remain claim-free for four years, you can receive either 25% of all your premiums to date or your full first year’s premiums in cash. This money is tax-free and unaffected by the use of Guardian Angel Assistance.

Where 1st for Women Car Insurance Can Improve

Depending on your policy and risk factors, there are maximum limits to claim payouts meaning you may have to pay out of pocket to complete repairs. If you are involved in an accident, it is your responsibility to ensure that your car is towed by the designed tow driver provided by 1st for women. You will not be financially compensated if you use another towing or storage provider.

There are a number of terms and conditions to consider to have a successful claim, many of which are not available on the 1st for women website. It is important to read your policy schedule or search for a ‘policy wording’ document online to understand the extent of your cover.

How to Request a Quote for 1st for Women Car Insurance

  • Enter your name and contact number on their website to receive a call and quote
  • Call their customer service number on 0861 00 33 28 to get a quote from a consultant

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While it’s not completely necessary, it is strongly recommended as it can assist in vehicle recovery following theft. It may also help lower your premiums and excess.

It is necessary to have your vehicle inspected before 1st for women can provide you with cover. It can be done by downloading the 1st for women app and uploading your details.

Start the claims process via the app or by phoning 0861 33 93 39. If you’re involved in an accident, a consultant from Guardian Angel Assistance may contact you to submit a claim.

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